Friday, February 19, 2010

A Walk To Remember

No, this is not sycophantic re-review of the movie.

But still, have any of you seen this other movie "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs"??? There's this one freaky invention in that's called a "Monkey Thought Translator" for a monkey called Steve. I sooo wished I had something like that yesterday.

I had too many cobwebs in my head and wanted to get rid of them. So I went for a long walk last night in our very own Korm park. It felt good. I was alone. I had my music. And it was pitch-dark, thanks to BESCOM and their load shedding.

And as I was cleaning out the cobwebs, I kept thinking like I am writing it...but in my mind. And I wished I had that "Thought Translator" and another recording device of some sort (my cellphone would do, right?) so that I could get it recorded and then play it back and write it down as an amazing blog. Of course, I am no Flint Lockwood so I'm just stuck with these things that I need to write.

I'll try to pen it all down over the weekend. Plus, the wine story too...I know its pending. Patience, people! Patience! :P


Radz said...

Hmmmm.... dear don't put too much presure on your brain.. Chill out with your Mommy.

V@run said...

u and ur crazy cobwebs......good u dint record them....thank god for that such a device dosent exist.infact there shud be a device to clean ur brain instantly :p

The Icicle said...

yeah right...look who's talking...

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