Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Big Fat Indian V Day

Another V Day just gone by...not that I'm cribbing or moping around for that special someone. Far from that actually :)

I spent the day, and not to mention the whole preceding week, constantly seeing news updates about the Sena and the Sene and all such groups targeting the lovey-dovey people on the streets with threats from on-the-spot-marriage and what not. For my part, I am blissfully not bothered about all this crap. I seriously don't get whats so big about V Day and also groups who go around with such lame strategies. I care a damn anyways.

However, I woke up today and realised that I did not even get the usual creepy ANON SMSes that usually pop up in my mobile. Dutiful as ever, the only guys who SMSed me today were the Airtel people reminding me about my balance usage. Huh! So much for my female vanity.

I spent a very interesting day with my friends in the PG cooking a sumptuous meal and getting our WIFI router installed and ended it all with a wine bath (Don't ask, long story. Another post. I promise).

My clock shows that its almost 12 : 30 AM on Feb 15th and here I was chatting with a friend. Now he's one guy who sleeps sharp at 10 PM everyday. Of course, the curious imp that I am, I did the usual leg-pulling lines with him about staying late for V Days sake. I then told him about my day and how I dint even get a single creepy message. We finally signed off with our farewells.


"Belated happy valentines day :)"

So thanks to AR for sending me the sms, I guess I got my stroke-of-the-midnight-hour wish come true after all. Now I guess my female vanity feels better. What say, huh?


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