Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who, Me? before I begin this post, ignore the last one. I was in the depths of despair on that particular fateful Friday evening. But, to anyone who cares and who is out there and who still reads my blog: All's well dearies, I'm still alive and kicking!

Now, coming back to the topic at hand: today was Sankatahara Chaturthi. No, actually it still is. Anyways, I keep this fast every month for my dearest dearie Pillaiyar saami. He is my favorite God. Know why?

Well, when I was a kid there was this one song that my mom taught us to sing for our daily poojai. It was Kaithala Nirai Kani and somewhere in the lyrics there is mention of appam-aval-pori. The foodie that I was then (and am now), the song became my favorite and so did Pillaiyarappa. Plus, we both shared another love: kozhukattai's.

There is this very funny story about a boy who goes to a relative's house and tastes kozhukattai's for the first time and comes back home to ask his mom to prepare the same for him. The irony being that he can't remember the name of the dish he sampled. And the story also goes on to say how he bugs his mother no end and in her frustration she gives him a good thrash. After she cools down, she laments how she has given her own son bruises that are like kozhukattai's. And then the poor boy finally exclaims saying that that is what he wants.

There were heavy rumours in the family-mill that I was the main character in the story above and the gender was changed to protect my identity. My love for kozhukattai's are that notorious.

So, again, coming back to the main thread. After my fast for Pillaiyarappa, I go to the temple for the poojai and abhishekam to pray and break my fast. As I waited in the line mumbling my slokas and apologising for my mis-deeds and begging for some favours; the arathi started making its rounds. And as usual there was a lot of crowding. An old man standing behind me leaned in a little and said: "Konjam munnadi po ma...illa na arathi kedaikaathu. Poy eduthuko." I thought I would die there. Why you ask?

Well, I live in Bengalooru. I am a Tamilian. And I am no social butterfly. Especially not in the temple circles in Koramangala. Still, you ask, why?

Well, again, for some god-frosaken reason that I have never been able to understand, almost 90% of the people whom I have met here in Bengalooru (be it in office or in my PG or even my dentist) think that I am from North India. When I gently correct them saying that I am a Tamilian. They give me a surprised look and again emphasize how much I look like I am from North India. Meaning it like a compliment. How dare they, huh? Like one of my Periappa would say: "We are deep-south Pillaival tradition people."

My poor amma gives me a sad look whenever this funny issue of mis-identity happens. According to her our Thirunelveli genes runs in my blood. And anyone who sees me should know that. Its so obvious, she says. You have the typical Palayamkottai-side nose. Now, its my turn to be sad. I never thought my own amma would compare my nose to a district in Tamil Nadu. :(

So, for the first time in 3 years that I have moved to Bengalooru someone finally recognised me properly. Was it my cotton salwar? My pottu? My gold earrings? Did my Thirunelveli genes show through in some aspect? Or was it my Palayamkottai-nose? Unfortunately, the old man had disappeared.

Aiyyo Pillaiyarappa
, I hope its NOT the nose!!!


Chandru said...

hahha....i knew the very first time that you were frm tirunelveli:)(

The Icicle said...

grrrr...that's because you knew my sister!!! :P

Mahesh said...

u spoke to someone or yourself in the temple? the man might hve been behind you :D

Anand said...

am sure it was the nose :P

The Icicle said...

@ Mahesh : I am pretty sure that the old man was there...cause I did turn and see him before I nearly choked. :P

@ Anand : can you be so mean? :(

shwetha said...

My Dear nose from Palayamkottai! At last somebody recognised you...hee hee...;-)

The Icicle said...

@shwetha: are the meanest of all! :(

AJ said...

I think its the nose buddy.hahahh no kidding coz cotton salwars and gold ear rings may not have done the magic.

The Icicle said...

@ Anne: et tu Brutus? :(

Dheepak J said...

U look like a north indian??? Since when?

The Icicle said...

@ dheepak : not look like one da..."from"...and i dunno...most of the ppl i meet here in b'lore think so. you know me from my college...but others dont' i guess thats why! :P

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