Friday, December 18, 2009


We played Secret Santa in office today. There was a wild scramble to leave office early yesterday after we got the mail saying that we were supposed to get gifts today! And of course, the ubiquitous coffee mug (masquerading as the ) had already made its rounds when we had nervously picked out random names.

I got a guy...drat! Its so difficult to shop for guys. :( But of course, I knew this guy and I also knew that he had a sweet tooth., he has sweet teeth. So of course, I just got him a gift pack of Homemade Chocolates.

So, we all met today in a meeting room and put our gifts on the table wondering which brightly wrapped package was ours. For my part, I thought it would really be wierd to be exchanging gifts in that way. And I was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. I felt like I had time-travelled back to my school days where this game was played akin to some holy ritual.

I got a little ceramic jewel box. And it had a mirror too on the inside. So now I don't have to scramble for my purse everytime I need to do a check on me poor face. :)

P.S.: Oooh...the female who actually organised the so-called event was real chalu. She picked out the senior mgr's name before the mug made its round and gifted her something way out of budget. Ugh! I hate such boot licking!


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