Monday, July 18, 2011


--> On days like this, I think God is definitely male

--> is not accessible in office. Apparently it comes under the category of "profanity"

--> I have sat with my legs supported on a box since 9 AM...inner peace...inner peace!

--> I need to stitch up that rip in my sweater or stop wearing it to work or make peace with the stares I get

--> I called a friend skrud-face because I remembered it from an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

--> Had a very nice surprise yesterday from a special, stupid, crazy, loveable someone. Kept smiling the whole day for no reason except that a name and a person kept popping in front of my eyes

--> You know you are in love when all the songs makes sense. - Inspired from Castle

--> My recent conversations with a particular friend goes like this:
d: guess what
me: wat?
d: chicken butt
me: skrud face
d: whaaaaaaat
me: wat wat?
d: i have a sexy face
me: or so your mirror would have you think
d: that word is nonsense
me: thats what all skrud faces say
d: have you been drinking at work?
me: i wish i was
d: no you dont
me: why not?
d: because you dont drink. now tell me something sweet!!!!!!
me: gulab jamun
d: oh god...what in the world is that
me: its a sweet
d: i need it in english
me: waffle balls

--> I love my Maybelline mascara and hate my Maybelline eyeliner...I need to find that L'Oreal eyeliner that I packed in one of the 4 bags I bought with me for an internship of 3 months to Germany

--> And I also cannot find that 4-pack of Maggi that I packed in one of those 4 bags

--> It has been raining for one week straight here...meh

--> Some cleaning lady in office threw away my packet of appalam. I found it in the newly changed trash bag all by itself. It was double-bagged anyways, so I picked it up and inspected it and decided to keep it sans the double bags. Don't judge

--> I spent Saturday creating Friends lists and now I have categorised the 271 friends on FB (with new, updated Privacy settings)

--> I hate it when my s's are forcefully converted to z's. I don't believe in conversion of any form or nature

--> Today is Sankatahara Chaturthi and I miss home and my kutti pilaiyar kovil

--> I have 7 GB of songs on my hard-disk but I have no idea which ones to put on my iPod...VJ, where are you when I need you the most?

--> I told someone today that he smells like spring and summer in a bottle...I really need to follow that "Think twice before you speak" advice that people talk about

--> I'm going through a anti-food phase after I weighed myself yesterday night

--> I miss Mai, Chand and Radz. All of you should move to Germany with me for the next 3 weeks and then to the US for the next 5 years. This is an order. Or I will commit suicide. I mean it

--> I cannot stop counting the days until Aug 13. But it also means that I am counting faster to turn 27 and that is not good

--> I am turning 27...'nuff said

...and I end the post on this depressing note...*belch*


Anonymous said...

Dont worry dear. Friends like Mai, Chand and Radz are like gems .so rare to find. where ever they are, they will never let you feel lonely.

too bad u dont miss me at all :-(

Chandini said...

Sweets Miss you too darling!! :( :S

Anshu said...

@AJ: Aiyyo...I miss you too! One other friend of mine asked me the same thing...that how come I did not mention her. I feel all the more bad now! I miss you AJ! I really do! (crosses heart) :D

Anshu said...

@Chand: We need to talk...soon

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