Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hop, Skip and Jump

I wonder if people know what I am doing.

Do they notice the way I walk based on the rhythm of the song playing in my iPod?

Can they see the smile when the song is reminiscent of a happy memory?

Or the gentle sway of my hips as I try to strut in tune to the beat of the latest item-number?

As I waited for my elevator today, I did a small routine to the tune of Desi Girl as memories of last Diwali at school washed over me. I turned on my toes for a pirouette kind-of move and noticed a guy on the stairs, coming down, watching me in a weird way. The elevator doors opened at that exact moment and I scurried inside. I pushed the button for my floor and prayed silently that he wouldn't know which apartment I lived in.


Mai said...

Ha ha ha!! That was so so you...I will pray for you:)By anyways, was he cute? Cos that will be a problem ;-)

Anshu said...

It's scary how you know me so well...and no he was NOT cute...he was an ajja :D

Anonymous said...

LOL , i tried to imagine the situation and its really funny :-)

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