Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guhantara Trip

'Allo !!!

I am back after a long hiatus!!!
Since I am a new-joinee in my new company, I was given the "task" of arranging for a team outing for one day. I immediately pictured a full day spent snow-bowling or go-karting rounded off with a sumptuous dinner someplace nice. When i asked around i got the "been-there...done-that" look! So i put my grey cells to real good use and found out about this awesome resort called Guhantara Caves Resort.

So on the 5th of July, 2008 we all set out at around 8:30 AM in the morning. The drive was long but truly enjoyable. We had taken my manager's car and another team-mates' friends car. We divided opurselves into two groups and piled into the cars. Loud music...lots of leg-pulling...this was how the day started and we reached the resort around 10:30 AM and immediately headed for breakfast.

They asked us to wait while they warmed up stuff and we set about exploring the place. There was a wide-arena kinda place where we were informed the Rain Disco would be held. Shortly, we were invited for breakfast and we trooped to the small bay where the buffet tables were set. We dug-in with pleasure and satisfied our tummy-groans before we headed into the indoor games area. There was a billiards table, chess boards, TT tables and also a carrom board. We amused ourselves as I tried to learn how to play billiards. Most of my colleagues had their hearts in their mouth when they saw me nearly drive the cue-stick into the soft velvety table. I guess they were real relieved when i moved on to a game of carrom (doubles) with my manager and other buddies. I never thought that i would be able to get even a single strike, but i managed to pull 4 coins for my team! Yay! But my manager's team won and i headed out to the outside lawns to play some shuttle.

It was sooooo damn windy that we could hardly play. We ditched that too and decided to play some throw-ball. That went on for awhile and i was too tired by then to even lift a finger. That was when i spotted the swing near the children's play area. I first tested it to make sure that it wouldnt give away under my ample build and proceeded to have a wonderful time swinging about. One of my other colleagues joined me and we clicked loads of snaps sitting on the swing! We then decided to be much more bolder and even tried out the slide. It was awesommmmmmmmmmme!!!! I had truly forgotten the wonderful feeling of sitting in a swing or going at full speed down a slide. It bought back some real feel-good memories of my childhood days.

After that we sat about in the lawn and talked for quite sometime. By then lunch was served and we decided to tuck-in to a good meal. The food was OK but i had expected more. The desert table was pathetically disappointing! :( Nevertheless, we polished off a good amount of the buffet and waited around for the rain disco to start. We then spotted a pottery wheel nearby and went there to try our hands at pottery. I had 3 trials...and made a cup kinda thing which broke everytime i tried to take it off the wheel. In the end i gave up, not because i couldn't do it...but because my other colleagues were waiting in line to try out...so stepped down gracefully :(

By the time we had all finished, the rain disco started and it was an awesome 30 mins that we all spent dancing. The music was pathetic but we managed to have fun by pulling everyone and splashing around some water. We then freshened up and we were served tea/coffe with hot pakoras. We polished off many plates of pakoras and finally headed out, tired but it was totally worth it. We had a truly wonderful time relaxing and spending time in the resort. It's really a paisa vasool trip that many corporates can go for and also good if you are a huge gang of friends.
So...after all this I am looking forward to my next trip... :)


Bullshee said...

I hear this is a real awesome place!Sounds cool...

The Icicle said...

yup! its kinda far but if you have a car then its a great place to head to on weekends.

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