Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have loads to share with you. It’s been quite sometime since I found the time to blog…the past 3 months have been a roller-coast ride with so many things changing in my life.

Firstly, I am in Germany on project work and would be here for the next 3 months at least. The experience has been nothing but awesome. And then I have now completed 2 years as an independent girl. 6 months ago I took up a new job that has shown me what the term “loving your job” truly means. The journey has been a revelation in itself. My flight was really cool with a stopover in Dubai. Being used to the sight of the Chennai or Old HAL Airport of Bangalore, the Dubai airport looked more like a shopping mall.

So I landed here last month and I love it so far. The place is awesome and so is my apt and the work too! Some pics below from my first impression of the beautiful neighborhood near my apt building.

Coming to a new place and seeing a new culture around you is something that you need to experience to know how it truly feels. The first sentence that i ask anyone
(from the supermarket cashier to my cab driver) is: " you speak english?" :)

Being a veggie, I was warned by everyone to carry some food with me. But experimenting with the various, albeit limited options available for veggies here is a task in itself. The brezels, Döner Kebab, Falafel, Pizza, Pasta etc...are mouth watering if we just learn to train our taste buds to give a chance to other cuisines.

Oh yeah! One more thing that i have got a hang of since the past month is the German twang while saying "SO" and "JA" :D

So...Tschüs !!!


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