Thursday, July 1, 2010

TA-DAA !!! like I promised, here come the updates!

--> I finally got all my papers and made it to USA in one piece. USA, baby! :)

--> Had an amazing 10 days with my sister and's the only one missing :(

--> Have you ever felt like a star for one day? As in celeb wise? I did! I got a hair-cut and everyone at the salon stood around me and just looked at my hair all the while going "OMG...I'm so jealous, you have such beautiful hair!" Hee hee...but yeah, I chopped some off and got bangs. The last time I remember having bangs was in 5th grade. LOL

--> Major shopping spree...mostly for college and we tried to hit as much of the clearence sales as possible. What? I'm a student...need to watch my budget now!

--> Went on my first road trip and crossed 4 states to finally reach SC. Columbia, baby! :P

--> Horrible apartment hunting expedition...literally killed all of us. I meant the heat, not the apartment search.

--> Went through a bad bout of home-sickness. Nearly recovered now.

--> Settled finally in my new apt.

--> Had my first official "accident" in campus. Fell down during games and hurt my knees badly. On rest for like 10 days now. Superstitious idiot that I am, I'm kinda relieved that I've gotten over the impending "bad" thing. But couldn't make it to the Community Service Projects today :(

--> Almost done with the first week of orientation. Classes start after the 4th of July long weekend. All geared up and ready to go! :)

P.S.: I miss you all @ Blore... :(

P.S.S.: Pics to follow soon! :)


Chandini said...

Have fun sweets!!! and good luck :)

shwetha said...

I wanna see the pics......n its already late!!! :)

Manasa said...

I remember you better with those bangs ;)
Have a blast...its student life again after all!!

Anshu said...

@ Manasa: OMG! Yes...those bangs...those years. Ha ha..I can't believe you still remember them

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