Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why, God? Why? (Enna koduma ithu, Saravana!)

I saw this today through Gradwolf's Twitter feed and felt like crying.

There are very few Tamil movies that I like. I watch very few movies to begin with, so yes when I come across a good one like Khaakha Khaakha being re-made into this...I feel like crying. Till date the last few good Tamil movies I remember from my college days are Khaakha Khaakha and Dum Dum Dum.

The only solace I feel is knowing that Guatham Menon refused to work on this project. It makes me feel a tad better I guess. But still, John Abraham and Genelia? How could they even think that John Abraham could play that role? I have nothing against him, let me tell you that. I do think he's a little cute and hot and what not. But no, he cannot act if his life depended on it. And definitely NOT this role. Come on! And coming to Genelia? Seriously? I do NOT like Jyothika but in that movie, I did like her for once. She stopped playing a dumb bimbo on the likes of Khushi and for once came across with a good performance in Khaakha Khaakha. Genelia just does not seem right, people! Come on!

I have purposely avoided the mention of the Telugu movie Gharshana here. For two reasons: (a) I've not seen the movie and (b) I don't want those crazed gult people screaming obscenities and threatening me with extremist parochial sentiments for comparing Venkatesh with John Abraham. So I am going to play the decent person here and just keep quiet.

All I can say is this: Why, God? Why? (Enna koduma ithu, Saravana!)

P.S.: On second thought, I have been having very thin readership lately, so maybe I should say something anti-gult to get some comments flowing in....hmmm, do I risk it?


adived said...

truely kodume moment...loved both the tamil n telugu versions (yes, i like that u din bring up the gult version here :P ) but this doesnt look that appealing....but lets see if this can make its presence felt...

Anshu said...

@Adi: The trailer seemed fine until the scene where he had lines...after that it was all downhill dude :(

Preeti said...

Enadhu, FORCE aa? REALLY! Oh god! Ok bye, I need to cry.

Anshu said...

@Preethi: Yup...I know the feeling. And I think I did cry a little bit... :(

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