Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's play "Catch Up"

Being back in school is fun in some ways...and not in some other ways...

Last year, when I moved to South Carolina I was too excited and ready for the ride to begin...but that excitement got me only a little far. Once the CORE of my MBA program started, things started getting too hectic and a little on my nerves. I found myself being constantly stressed out and having to choose between cook, study, shower or sleep at 8 or 9 in the night. Not an easy choice, lemme tell you.

But, I'm happy I did have the most stressed-out 6 months of my life. This is what I had wanted and I'm glad I ended up this way. I may have cribbed and whined to my girl-friends, friends, parents and sister; but truth be told I wanted to crib and whine and feel oh-so-importantly-busy. Yes, I am vain and I wanted it all and like I said, I'm happy to count this experience as an achievement in the year gone by.

Spring term just started and its boringly-busy. Yes, that is a word and I will use it even if you say no. I want a better lifestyle this spring and so I have this TO-DO list stuck to the wall in my room to work-on. Today, I guess I've gone a little towards achieving it by making my roomie my diet-cum-workout-buddy. We want to start Zumba classes and Yoga classes from next week on. Can't wait...

So let's play "catch up", huh?
I finally enjoyed my first real snow-fall. And believe me, its NOT easy to make a snowman. And I am not alone in thinking this. I asked around, seriously.

I walk everywhere I need to go or ask around for a ride. There is NO public transport in this country.

I miss going out on the street and calling for a rickshaw. I miss that I can go from one end of the city to the other in less than $3.

I wonder at how I've switched to "dollarizing" everything instead of talking in "rupees".

I live in the south which means that I live with a train-track not ten feet away from my apartment building. I have a mental time-table of the trains and I work my way around that to get to school. Not kidding, believe me.

My roommate is from Romania. And no, she is not a descendant of Dracula. On the same lines, I've also clarified with her that I do NOT come from a family of snake-charmers. So I guess we both learnt something from each other, don't you think?

I can cook really well. Oh yeah, I will boast about this. Come live with me for a week and you'll know.

I shopped for 24 hours straight during Black Friday and burnt a huge hole in my bank account. Unfortunately, this is all the shopping I did in a looooong while. I miss the time when I was earning and every weekend was synonymous with shopping trips to the mall and Commercial Street or Jayanagar.

Eating out! Oh dear God how I miss that! When you are a grad student and you go from earning to no earning, life is tough. I only eat out in places where I can get a meal for less than $5 (excluding taxes). I feverishly look for coupons online and in the junk mail I get. "Free Food" is a dangerous term to be uttered around me. Or any other grad student for that matter :)

But looking back I'm happy with this new year. I started this new phase in my life and I've met an amazing bunch of people and made so many new friends.

I can truly say that right now, Life's Good! :)


Chand(Work) said...

Lol! snake charmers uh??? just couldn't stop laughing at that ;)
Good luck Hon!

Mai said...

I second Chand!! That was so funny :) and m happy that you had a good start this year...way to go gal!

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