Sunday, January 30, 2011

Of Salsa and Bachata

I had the most amazingly productive weekend. Went partying and dancing on Friday, woke up early on Saturday and got so much work done, Sunday started early too and shaped out to be pretty good.

Friday was mind blowing. Came home and had a nice time unwinding and getting geared up for the party. Then we headed out to a friend's place for drinks and small talk and from there "I" finally made it to Salsa Cabana! I can't remember the umpteen number of times I've planned to go there and never made it. But this time it was real. The place is soooooo good and the dancing and music and the dancers...OMG! Thanks DM-B for all the planning! I got asked by some Latino guy for the first dance and also learnt how to do the Bachata. Can't believe I've been away from it for so long. And then tried to dance a little more with VJ...din't last long cause I had to teach him and kept giggling a lot. I think it irritated him a little. Then again I danced with HA and wow can that guy dance! Phew! I had to stop midway cause I got so tired but it was the best! Thanks HA... :) I think we came home at 3 AM and just crashed...but it was totally worth it.

Saturday I woke up early for a meeting and then had a solid couple of hours cleaning the apt. The 3 weeks of neglect since classes started were beginning to show and with Kupy coming here next week, it was high time I started to tidy up. I started craving for mom's onion chutney and dosai; so I cooked myself a really good meal. Ooh...also, I've started a food blog. Kinda proud about that. And then I headed to the gym and actually did a good 30 mins on the elliptical apart from the normal workout. I am so proud of moi! But by the time I came home I was so burned was a herculean task to even get through dinner and a shower. But I still managed to crash pretty early at around 11.

Ah Sunday...a little disappointing but still pretty good. Although having risen early I somehow managed to screw up the schedule and couldn't make it to my salsa class :( GT was mad and how! But I managed to pack everything and get the apt sprayed for I guess it was worth-it. Or so I tell myself. However, one really good thing was that I made lasagne and poha today and clicked pics and updated my food blog. I am counting on that as a solid achievement.

Looking back, all I can say is this: Good times! :D


Kirthi said...

So, you're going to teach me next, right??!!

Anshu said...

I still haven't taught you the Diwali Dance moves. Oh and we have to Zumba too!

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