Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bored Beyond Belief

My tryst with late nights is becoming a seriously concerning issue. This is my second post past mid-night and to make matters worse its on a weekend. And its not because I was out partying late or with friends. And neither is it insomnia that is keeping me awake. Quite the contrary actually, I have a huge pile of school work waiting to be done for Monday and yet here I am struggling to make myself focus and do my readings and write-up a decent enough summary for the same. Why me, is all I ask!

One good thing about this school term is that I get a lot of "me" time. I guess that is kinda the whole issue here. You take an MBA student and kill them with a hectic semester and then you give them the Spring term with relatively little to do. Well, thats worse than actually killing them. I am left with time that I have no idea how to deal with. It's oddly unsettling and almost normal. Not good. I say, not good.

I've actually started working out. Shocked? Me too! I even made a "Workout Playlist" on my iPod. I've been to a Power Yoga class, one session of Zumba and a two hour Salsa class tomorrow.

Readings? What readings? Which summary? :P


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