Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh...I want 'everything'!

Situation 1: No breakfast and hungry as hell. The craving for 'everything' begins...I finally give in and go to Jazzman's. Darn it! Only 'cinnamon-raisin'. I still get one. An hour later, I see a classmate have an 'everything' and he too got it at Jazzman's. did this happen?

Situation 2: Bagel and Coffee classes but I still go to college. I had to work, don't judge. I go to the grad lounge and the tray of 'everything' is empty. I am heart broken and make peace with a 'blueberry' one. How sad is my life, huh?

Situation 3 (today, not 2 hours ago): The craving starts again and I stop by Capstone's Gibbes Court Bistro on my way to work. They are well known for stocking all kinds of bagels. But no, as fate would have it, they have none today except the healthy 'whole-wheat' ones. And I definitely do NOT want those. I take a coffee and leave.

I am at work now and just realize that we have Einstein Bros Bagels at Russel House. It's 46 degrees outside with 13 mph winds...I am NOT stepping outside. I give up on my 'everything' dream.

Why me?, is all I ask :(


Mai said...

Been a busy day till was diving into a chapati roll at my desk...and as usual I need to read something while eating (Not the usual office stuff!) Thought of visiting your blog...and was thrilled to see this post which I had not read before :) I hope you finally got to eat it in the past month...well written babe!

Anshu said...

I miss our PG food. Is that a bad indication of Bangalore-sickness? :(

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