Saturday, February 6, 2010


I just realised that its my second blirthday (blog-birthday)?!?!?!?

Really...I mean is it already two years? I've also completed my 4 years in Bengalooru. My love for this city can never ever go away. I think I'll try to go out and celebrate and feel guilty. Or I may also sit at home, write my essay like a good girl and feel horribly self-pitied! :P

So anyways, 'Appy B'day Bloggy... :D


shwetha said...

Is shubh avsar main, main aapko meri shubh kaamanaye dena chahti hoon....blogging chalu rakkho baccha...!!

The Icicle said...

bahut bahut danyavaad guruji! :P

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