Wednesday, February 3, 2010


You know how my office has these cool coffee corners, that I insist on calling coffee bars (cause that’s where I get to gossip with my friends), where we have two different coffee machines, one vending machine, biscuits, instant soups and a cola machine. You don’t? Ok, now you know. However, the tea and coffee there don’t have the same “zing” feeling. You know, the “zing” feeling? The one you get when you take your first sip of the first coffee/tea of the day? Well, its kinda like the tea/coffee goes to your head instead of down your throat and to your tummy. The coffee bar ones don’t have the “zing” and well, I guess I came to terms with that considering everything was oasey (free).

Yesterday I came in early and then realized the meeting at 10 AM was cancelled. I was sooooo mad! I had to run out of my house without time to pack my breakfast for my 7:20 AM shuttle, which by the way has been moved to 7:30 AM. And did I mention without packing my breakfast? Anyways, I went to the canteen and ordered a plain cheese sandwish (I know!) and then saw this other guy order masala chai and I errr immediately changed my order also to include a masala chai.

There is no describing the “zing” I got when I took that divine first sip. Aaaah! It was more like “ZING” in WORD 72 Font Size, bold, underlined, italicised and in RED. Wow! I fell in love with it! It was sooooo amazing.

The 10 AM meeting I told you about? It got moved to today. I came in early again but this time got my breakfast packed. I was sitting here a few minutes ago arguing with myself whether I should go “buy” the tea or make do with the oasey tea/coffee. But, the greedy-foodie (cool word na?) that I am, the next minute I was in a lift that was taking me to the 6th floor. Since I dint have change (which is always) I had a Rs.10 note with me and then an idea struck. I ordered two teas and asked the guy to pour it in a juice glass. He gave me a weird look. And two guys and one lady next to me in the line gave me even super weirder looks. It was so hilarious! Of course, I have no qualms when it comes to food and proudly carried (yes, not hold; it was huge so I had to carry it) my juice glass filled with tea. When I turned to move out of the queue, everyone took a step backwards like I was Godzilla or something. Cha…people are so weird na? I know!

So my next task was to safely make it back to my desk, with the juice glass full of tea that had every danger of spilling with even the slightest hint of a jolt. And if Kupy is reading this, she would definitely and literally be rolling-on-the-floor-with-laughter. It’s a well known fact in my family that I am the most clumsy grandchild that the entire clan has seen. Some people have even enquired to my mom whether I was dropped on my head or had some such accident that had rendered me totally off-balance. With such genes against me, it was a great feat in itself to reach my desk without getting any tea on me or the floor or the carpet or someone else! I managed very well; through the door and through the lift. When I reached my floor, I gave a happy sigh and was just about to come out of the lift when this @#$%$%&$@!# guy comes rushing in…aaargh! But…nothing was lost! My spidey peripheral vision had somehow made me involuntarily side step and hence the tea and I were safe. :P

I just finished my tea and truth be told…my tummy feels a little too full. Kupy, stop laughing. I think I’ve learnt my lesson. Or have I? Hmmm…


shwetha said...

Our PG tea gives us another version of ZING feeling, doesn't it?? LOL.... ;-)

The Icicle said...

hmmm...yeah, the kind that makes you run towards the nearest loo... :(

Kandidly yours said...

Rolling on the
You always had this thing about tempting fate. Lucky for you Spidey vision came to work with you that day...if'd have found out if masala chai was a good accessory to be worn over one's clothes!

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