Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Title? Aaargh...I don't know...

So...I just got back from some time off work. Personal reasons. Period.

And I'm finding it really difficult to adjust myself to my work now. I wake up every morning and lie in bed, staring at the ceiling and making a list of "I should not go to work today because...". So anyways, the weekend did its magic as usual and I am a little better this week. I am guessing it's because of the appraisal stuff thats going on and I see everyone in my team being extra-nice to the umm "the important people" and CCing "them" in all the bloody mails they send out. It is so freaking funny.

I, for one, am still a little lost...so I'm just keeping afloat. Yesterday happened to be Sankatahara Chaturthi. And I realised that at like 2 AM the previous night (or early morning that day. Watever). I was up until late Monday with a horrible, horrible headache trying to figure out a way to write two sensible lines in conclusion for my essay and took a break to walk around the room and flipped the calendar to February and saw the fluorescent green highlighted day. I felt so sad. ( I used too many "and" in the last sentence. I know.) Sad? Why? Well, I decided to start my "no food after 7 PM" diet beginning Feb 1. Actually it was supposed to be Jan 1. But New Years is always such a depressing time that I ended up bingeing for a week and then totally gave up during Sankrathi. So Feb 1 was supposed to be my version of errr Jan 1. And I had just had a bowl of Honey Loops and a glass of milk on Monday night. I really felt sad.

So I guess I had a very guilt-ridden day yesterday. I had these odd rumblings in my tummy like that Knorr soup kid and kept daydreaming about masala dosa. I dint dare to go anywhere near the canteen cause seriously, I wouldn’t trust myself when I have such cravings. Believe me, you haven’t seen me when I’m on a binge. In the end, I decided to stop feeling guilty about keeping such a fast and called up Mai for a dinner rendezvous at A2B. The mere prospect of making such a plan made me feel a little better and dulled the tummy rumblings. So the rest of my day went by without much problem.

What with the guilt-trip and the tummy rumblings and the dinner plans…god, I was so busy. I had no time to do anything else. So I did what any good blogger does, I went blog hopping. I read so many blogs and so many posts that I felt so wasted. Overall, it was a good day I guess. Oh, did I mention that I did NO WORK the whole day?


shwetha said...

Did she mention what we finally had for dinner???...Well reader's, the southie in us emerged a lil extra that day...so the list went like VADA IN SAMBAR, BUTTER MASALA DOSA, PONGAL....wait...m not done...we suddenly plunged into uttar bharat and had NORTH INDIAN THALI....hmmm....yup....done.....ASHTE!!!


The Icicle said...

YOU are soooo NOT supposed to be splashing my intake like this in public!!! everybody will put kannu on poor me :(

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