Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I taw a puddy tat"

It's just another day in the never-ending routine that my life is; I am home from office waiting for my other friends while the clock ticks away the seconds. Now, it is very important that you get the picture right 'cause otherwise the ending will be totally lost. So, picture this:

I am sitting on a small foot-stool beside my cot with my laptop balanced on the matress. After kicking-off my sandals I stretch my legs luxuriously beneath the cot to let it relax a bit after the loooong walk home from the bus stop. I get busy pretty soon checking out my mails and laughing to myself at some stupid pics in a friend's album. In the middle of all this Mai arrives and as usual we start our lite-gossip of all things under the sun. She then leaves to freshen up and well I am still not budging my generous self off the foot-stool and get busy again with my mails.

Suddenly, I feel a little furry scratch on my right shin. I share my room with a few thousand mosquitoes, so I really didn't bother. After a fraction of a second my stupid brain realised that mosquitoes aren't in anyway whatsoever furry. Curious, I lift the end of the bed-cover that drapes over the edges of my narrow-little bed and....


I see an evil white cat with green eyes looking at me from under the cot. I continued to scream as I jumped up on my roomie's cot all the while looking at the evil cat. It tried to advance but I guess the decibel level of my scream pretty much sealed any such option. It turned swinging its tail and with a contemptuous glance over its shoulder (Do cats have shoulders?), it sauntered out of the room. Along the corridor I could see Mai match my decibel level in an equally loud scream as the evil white cat quickened its steps to run past her and outside the door.

You know it's not that I don't like cats...It's just that I hate cats. I just so positively loathe them. I cannot stand the sight of a cat. People who know me wonder how I can call myself leonine when I can't even make my peace with a domestic cat. If I ever happen to see a cat lurking in my vicinity, I feel like its a living evil manifestation of my deepest darkest fears stalking me. It positively gives me the creeps!

After a few seconds, I realised that i had been screaming non-stop and stopped gasping for breath. Mai then rushed into my room asking if I was OK and lifting a shaking finger towards the door I whispered: I TAW A PUDDY TAT!

* This post is not meant in any way whatsoever to hurt the sentiments of the people who love cats as pets, animals and companions in general.
* It is just a tale of a girl who has her little fetishes.
* If this post has been disturbing in any way to cat-lovers around the world, I sincerely apologise.
* And inspite of this, If people are still angry at me then I know for sure that I am going to be re-born as a cat in my next birth. *GULP* :(


Shwets...;-) said...

Mini!! I told you that on the arrival of one auspicious day I will post a comment…here I am :-). For starters, truly an amazing job done. Ahem……you know how good I am with my grammar as compared to yours, so I did a bit of sneak peek into wiki to catch up with some things…he he!!

I observed an interesting fact in above blog. Apart from TAT, there seemed to be one more character of utmost prominence…. Mai!! Seems to be an equally nut case (you know who’s the other one….ha ha )…would definitely love to meet her someday and chat bout some more TATTY stories…until then, see ya!!

The Icicle said...

Oh you would, wouldn't ya?
I've just got one word to help you "Shwets"...MIRROR!!!! :P

Shwets....;-) said...

Keep somethings to yourself sweety...let others ponder over it....:)

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