Saturday, May 9, 2009

The First time I...

2 years 3months and 15 days...

I'd settled in Bangalore for that long and on that fateful 15th day I finally went Bowling. That was one of my first's and the next one being that I went to Leela Palace. I know...I know... its not big deal and pretty stupid, but then thinking about it later really hit me on how much time had actually passed since I had settled in this city. GOSH! It can't be that long surely! But it was...

I'm not the type who parties every Friday night through the weekends. Neither am I the type who has friends who do that. So *SIGH* I guess that explains my current predicament. The fact that something so stupid got me pretty excited like a kid was just truuuuly pathetic.

I went there with two other friends; VJ and MSS...both of whom were thankfully experienced. *PHEW!* And they knew the routine I was saved the embarassment of being caught doing something stupid. We had to wait for about 30 mins as we sat around in the lounge talking and enjoying the loud music. Finally, our turns came and we went to pick out our shoes. God! I can't even begin to describe the stench in that room!!! I tried to pick out a clean looking shoe while at the same time trying to decide on the most appropriate size that wouldn't send me sprawling on the floor. In the end, we emerged shoe-clad and ready for the game. We were assigned LANE 1 with our own scorecard screen and the whole enchilada.

I started first with the other two teaching me on the number of the ball that I should choose, how to hold it, how to balance and then finally let go. Lucky for me, the first one dindn't go for the gutter. So...YAY!!!

But, many others did. :(

It was less of an embarassment that at the end of the day, the scorecard looked like this:

And I actually managed to get a decent score!!! :)

P.S. : In the pic, "A" is me!!!!


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