Thursday, November 24, 2011


I have been unfaithful. Sorry. But it's just that this new experiment has been so good and interesting, that I lost sight of you. I did NOT mean to do it. It just happened. But I hope you understand. Please, personal blog...please. But I promise I will not let my cooking blog over-shadow you any more. I swear...cross my heart and hope to die!

But seriously, you should visit my cooking blog here. Go on, click it. It won't kill you. I know because I've tried it myself.

Most of the recipes I have on my blog are skewed towards being Northern Indian cuisine which is a little weird given that I am actually a Tamilian a.ka. South Indian. But actually it isn't that weird at all. My amma is an excellent cook and I never saw the value in making the same dishes. To me it was all about what other dishes can I serve up on weekends when amma took her much needed break from cooking.

Appa was my happy helper who shopped and did all the pre-cooking stuff for me. Kupy was my much needed food critic who tasted everything and told me what was good and bad. I watched Khana Khazana, Tarla Dalal and so many other shows dished out by the cable networks in India for recipes, inspirations and motivation to keep cooking different dishes. I learnt how to make parathas, rotis, phulkas and nan from friend's and their mother etc. I shamelessly stalked people for recipes which I tasted and liked.

It's been quite a journey from that naive and gawky 12 yr old to the wise and old 27 yr me of today. Here's hoping I grow and learn from this journey to experiment with different cuisines and different ingredients. Here's to hope :)


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