Saturday, February 28, 2009

'Appy B'day to ME!!!

No...actually to my blog! :)

It's been ONE YEAR!!!

Gosh! I still can't believe it...technically speaking, its been one year and 3 whatever!

Hmm...I've been kinda away from the blog circuit since Diwali...I think I'm gonna blame my work again. It's been really hectic since I returned and I am so tired on weekends that even my social life has come to a stand still. I haven't gone to the movies, no fine dining adventures, no new lounges to explore....sheesh! In short, I had become a recluse. I literally and shamefully slept away the weekends.

But all bad (and good!) things come to an end and so did this! My dear dear dear friend VJ had come down from Mumbai. And I was meeting up with VJ after 2.5 years. It's such a nice feeling when you meet friends (real good buddies) after such a long span and still feel like nothing has changed.

All in all, it has been a really good "1st anniversary" !

Cheers! :)


~*kavita*~ said...

Hi Anu.... got to read ur blog now... a good write-up (ur blog as a whole :))

btw, hope u got me who i am.. else, i wud be gald to furnish my details :)

P.S. I've added u to my Blog list without ur permission!!!

The Icicle said...

hey...of course i remember you Kavy!
And i dint know you blogged!
So merci madame for your compliment...i just try to do a decent job. :)
And yes, who am i to stop you in your pursuit to happiness? (RE: you adding me to your blog reading list. :P )
Keep visiting...

bhuvana said...

Happy B'day to your blog Anu!! Keep it up...your blog looks really nice...

The Icicle said...

Danke Schon! :P
Will try to keep up the good job...

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