Friday, October 31, 2008

To a Rainy Diwali...

So...this has been my second Diwali away from home...but still the first one without new clothes, loads of home-made treats, crackers...and of course Dad's shagun money! :(

But it was still a nice Diwali as I had my mom with me! She flew in all the way from India to be with me on Diwali...and it was awesome! Agreed that I went to office, had the usual meetings, mails...and it din't make it easier that it rained non-stop for the entire day...but still, I had mom waiting for me with a sumptuous dinner when I got back to the apartment!

Hope everyone's Diwali was as special...and different as mine!


Bullshee said...

Why did you stop blogging???

The Icicle said...

wow! this is a nice surprise to have someone like YOU ask me about MY blog! well, i kinda got tied up in work...will start now with renewed enthu! :)

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