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This was my reaction when I saw this girl in my cafeteria holding a cute tote bag . Well, I do know its a free country and people can carry whatever they want but it wasn't that! All the girls in that giggly group had the same kind of tote in varied colours. Now, what was the mystery here?

"Nethu enaku chocolate bag koduthanga!" (Yesterday, I got a chocolate bag!)

"Chocolate bag a? Yakke?" (Chocolate bag? But why?)

This mixed conversation in tamil and kannada got me interested and I tore my eyes away from those cute totes to concentrate on the two different languages that were flying by. After 5 minutes, I had solved the mystery of the tote! Yay!!!

It turned out that the Admin in my office had decided to give out these cute totes filled with thermocol golus and chocolates (OOTY choc types) for Women's Day. So how come we two ladies (in the team) were empty handed? It was one day post-March-8 and we hadn't seen a single female in my ODC flaunt one. I rounded up on the lady who was proclaiming that the security guard had come all the way to the Safe Assembly area to give her the tote while she was waiting for her cab at 8:30 PM on a dark, desolate day. Well, it turned out that the late-loginners like moi had missed out cause the totes were given only during the 8 O clock login. Hell yaar!

I decided I needed one! Tugging my team-mate by the hand we literally gate-crashed into the security cabin and asked for Women's Day Chocolate Bag. The burly guard looked at us as if we were beggars asking for alms.

"We gave everything yesterday no."

"Nange late login...nannu late a barthini...athukke nange sikilla" (I am in late-login...I come late...that's why I dint get any)

My attempt to talk in kannada like it was my mother tongue was pretty good I guess cause the lady with the guard immediately took out two totes and handed them to us. She particularly gave me a cute and special smile and declared:

"Ninge dress matching-matching alwa?" (Matches with your dress, right?)

I then realised that the lady had dug-in to get me something that would match with my dress! Gosh! People just can't help liking me! :)

Anyways, all that aside...what is it with Women's Day and all the offices distributing stuff like the afore-mentioned totes? Is that it to Women's Day? Well for the Corporates, I guess it truly is ONLY that much.

But why, I ask?

Cause well, Women's Day is nothing different for women/girls. Its just another day and well the lucky working-dames like me get something stupid like red roses, bookmarks-with-some-corny-quotes, chocolates (no objection to this one) and loads of junk mail from every being who knows your ID, wishing you Happy Women's Day (oh I hate this last one!)

I seriously don't believe in these so-called Days that come in a calendar year. Be it Friendships Day, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Children's Day, Teachers Day...and lastly Women's Day. Its seriously stupid and obnoxious! You have to celebrate something on just this one day for no apparent reason and with no appropriate proof! Wat the hell! And the retail market in India dutifully churns out all the crap that is needed to decorate, celebrate, wish and greet everyone to the point of choking them to death. Truly sickening!

As for me, I call my friends when I miss them...hug my mom whenever I feel like... fight with my dad on the most silliest of things...and indulge myself whenever my card can take it! That's how I celebrate my Days!

P.S: This post is a purely self-opinionated one and is not meant to degrade any of the Days and the people who believe in them and celebrate them. Merci!


Varun - said...

hey please provide translation for the multi lingual blogs.not all of us are blessed to speak so many dialects

The Icicle said...

hee hee...

i think you mean "gifted" right...well, can't help being so multi-faceted you know...anyways, merci beaucoup...and yeah, i've updated the blog with the translation... :)

syed ahamed saqi said...

:) nice post anu.. rarely we see notes filled with indian languages, the hotch-potch makes it all the more readable, and kaash there could ve been a line or 2 in hindi..sahee rehta fir !

The Icicle said...


other posts have some hindi lines... :)

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