Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Darn It!


I've missed it!

My eyes were focused on just two lines in the messenger window as I stared savagely...

"pls call me in case you have any queries as I am leaving for the day
try to execute whatever test cases possible...thanks"




My PL had escaped...leaving me to deal with work that I had no clue about. Not because I don't know my work, but because I am still new to this project and am struggling (ONLY a little, mind you) in trying to figure out the nuances of workflow here...

My last project was NOTHING great. I worked unearthly hours, became darker than I already was and put on a hell lot of weight and of course lost contact with ALL my friends. It wasn't until I saw a random picture taken in come treat-party and shockingly realised how careless I had been about myself. I then went on a control-diet wherein you don't stop eating or eat diet foods or whatever. I just cut down on rice completely and started taking the mere two flights of stairs to my office floor and well believe me or not, it worked its own wonders. I lost all the EXTRA pounds. As to the spoilt complexion (not that it was much really, in the first place) I went back to my old-baby-time-routine...a good massage with "nal ennai" (sesame oil) followed by a generous face-pack of "kadalai maavum thayirum" (besan with yogurt). My complexion too revived and went back to its humble original ruddiness... :) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

Wait...why am I typing all this?

What am I saying in this post actually?

Oh yeah...I missed my BUS... :(

Like I was saying, my last project was terrible. I had a psychotic PL just one year my senior who did his utmost best to do NO work and his utmostest best (if I may be allowed to use such a double-superlative) to make life pure hell for ALL of us with the exception of his two chamchas who called him "annan" (big brother).


Sorry about the last word. I cant help but hold my thumb over the shift key and thump at the numbers (for special characters) when I think of that DASH. Anyways, I survived and finally when eventually the project crashed (which it had to with that DASH for a PL) my entire team with the exception of the two chamchas (obviously!) had a wonderful meeting where we shouted it all out at him and took it off our chest. Not that he kept quiet, though. He threw his abuses at us as soon as we started the so-called "discussion" and we weren't going to let him rant on. We interrupted, spoke, shouted, screamed (in that order cause you see, we weren't as DASH as him) and did all that we had been wanting to do for a really, really, really long time. He took special pleasure in jibing at me continuously and I took even more pleasure in talking back and making it very clear that he was as much important to me as a piece of #$%^ stuck to the hem-line of my dress! But everything said and done I loved all the others in the team. It was after all my first project and I made many friends there. And that last meeting showed us all how we had united against the DASH. :)

Well, I moved out and joined another project which seemed to fit exactly into anyone's dream of a s/w engineer's work. I come to office at 11 am and leave at 8:00 pm with nice coffee breaks and lunch hours. Plus more importantly, the work is good. I work on the latest tools and learn so much from the much more experienced team-mates. I am still learning how it works in-here and proof of that is the fact that my new PL tends to go-missing sometimes without warnings :(

How ironical!

In my last project this is what ALL of us wished for, though it never happened!!!


Dheepak said...

It is nice to know that you took effort to get back your "good-looking" complexion. Unfortunately I wasn't there to pass my usual irritating (only to you as the subject is YOU) comments at your changed complexion or weight. And speaking about weight, I think it is entirely fat (Kozhuppu) that made you not call me or speak to me for a long time and almost ruined our relationship. But, as always, my luck never deserts me and I got you back :). So what happened to you crooked teeth during this period?? You have not mentioned about it anywhere. :P. Anyways, keep writing Anu and I'll keep commenting. Bye dear.

The Icicle said...

well..can't help it much...not everyone is jobless and stuck in a village like you are...that's why you have all the time in the world to call up and bore (read as KILL) everyone with your crap!

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